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Bait Fishing

At Primrose Trout Farm we have  one rainbow pond.  Starting with our most popular pond the barbecue size 1 to 4 pound rainbow pond.  The fish range in size from 1 pound up to 4 pounds but the average size that is caught is more or less  is around 2 pounds.  The price per pound for this pond is $ 9.00 per pound.  

The enterance fee or admission to primrose trout farm for fishing  is $ 4 per person, kids under 10 no charge.
Fly Fishing
  One pond is  for fly fishing.  Our  main  fly fishing pond is seperated from the bait fishing pond.  Fly fishermen can catch and release rainbow trout .  A fly rod and barbless flies are required.  The cost  of  fly fishing catch and release  is $ 30 for  up to 4 hours of enjoyment.  Fly fishing catch and release is available in the winter time as well on our ice free 1 to 4 pound rainbow pond.
Non Fishermen
You can buy trout for dinner without having to fish for them.  Various sizes.
 Pond Stocking   fish sizes start at rainbow  6-8 inch  8 to 10 inch , 10-12 inch.  Bag with oxygen $5.  (a double bag) and will hold up to 25 fish and is good for several hours of travel.  Bring a blue box and we will place the bag in it for easier handling.  Bags are reusable so hang on to them.   We also deliver for larger fish orders.  

Dial 1 519-925-3846
Email troutfarm@bell.net   if you have question.

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