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Murray's Fly Fishing School
Beginner's Course
       This course is designed for someone who has never held a fly rod before and is interested in learning what fly fishing is all about.
 The day starts at 9am sharp at Primrose Trout Farm, with coffee and an in-depth look and discussion on the different kinds of fly fishing equipment available.  This knowledge is important when it comes time to purchasing your own fly fishing equipment.
    Next, there is a session on knot tying.  This is a hands on session where you learn to tie all the knots necessary to put your own equipment together.
    After the knots we get into the different types of flies for the different types of fishing and time of year.  Then, its outside to learn fly rod casting in the field.  Once we are able to get the line out and demonstrate a little line control, we then put flies on and try it out on the fish.
    After the trout barbecue, we head back to the ponds to practice catch and release fishing and work on our casting technique for the rest of the day.
    Its important to note that the instructor to pupil ratio is low so everyone gets the personal attention they need.

The Beginners Course Includes
greenball All fly fishing equipment for the day.
greenball A seminar on the basics of fly fishing.
greenball Basic casting instruction.
greenball A seminar course book.
greenball Barbecue Trout lunch.
greenball Catch and release fishing for the day at no additional charge.

    All you need to bring is a hat and polarized sun glasses.

Corporate Program
  Custom programs are available to meet your special needs.
   Some Options available are
greenball   Full service catering.
greenball   Promotional items for participants.
greenball   Prizes.
Casting Class  
Once an individual has a little experience casting, they usually want to improve their casting ability.  Our class is one day in length and is taught by F.F.F. certified casting instructors.  Barbecue trout again for lunch, with lots of catch and release fly fishing.

Private Lessons                                           
Private lessons are available on request. 
For More Information on Fly Fishing Courses Visit Murray's Web Site
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